YP Your Partner

Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Interaction

YP Your Partner has been an expert in the area of information and control technology software development for over 30 years. Together with our partners we facilitate the accelerated implementation of technological processes and innovative developments.

Solution for the ‘Internet of Things’
The software platform developed by YP Your Partner enables users to monitor, manage and control an immense variety of structures, installations and buildings from any location, anywhere in the world. The use of a smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or PC allows all this to be done with utmost mobility. This is how YP Your Partner provides the solution for the ‘Internet of Things’.

Collaboration today and in the future
YP Your Partner not only builds intelligent information and control systems, but also enduring relationships with our partners, to help them derive the optimal benefit of our products, knowledge and experience. ‘A collaborative approach’ with partners is therefore the key concept that forms the core of all our activities.

Efficiency for today and the future!

Our market solutions

YP Your Partner is a full-service web and app-based systems integrator who relieves you of any worries associated with computerised processes and the efficient management of your machinery.

YP Your Partner collects essential data with the use of a SCADA system developed in-house and takes care of the operation of installations by remote control. This enables you to make the best strategic decisions.

YP Your Partner develops and delivers an information and control system for managing public spaces. This enables you to maintain complete control over the infrastructure.


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