415 robot friends in all the Frisian primary schools

With great enthusiasm the very first Edu-Robotics robot was handed out to year 6 of De Pionier primary school in Leeuwarden. Sander de Rouwe, member of the Fryslân provincial executive, handed over the first of the 415 robots which will follow. “Out of all the Northern primary schools you are the pioneers who are allowed to put this robot together.” It is the belief of Theun Prins, the CEO of YP Your Partner and the Edu-Robotics project leader, that it is crucial to promote technology at a young age.

“We can only offer our children quality jobs if companies and schools work together. With this project we are making it possible for pupils to engage creatively in technology and learn programming and to work together,” Theun Prins, the CEO of YP Your Partner, explains.

The pupils couldn’t wait to put their new class mate together, program it and dance with it. Kor Visscher, the chairman of Innovatiecluster Drachten, fully expects that after this project the other provinces in North Netherlands will follow suit. “Together with the schools we can ensure that this robot with the associated lesson book is given a permanent place in the ‘Computational Thinking’ learning pathway. This will give technology an essential role in schools.” “The lesson package created around the build-it-yourself robot, promotes an insight into the pupil’s own abilities. The pupils can make the robot smarter by programming it. An important skill for future, as yet unknown, jobs”, Prins emphasized.

Project Edu-Robotics

The project Edu-Robotics will provide 415 primary schools in Fryslân with a robot which the children can put together themselves and which can be controlled and programmed by means of an Arduino ‘heart’ processor. Every school will receive a lesson package with it including lesson support for a senior secondary or higher vocational school. In addition to this, a working party has been set up to give the edu-robot a permanent place in the ‘Computational Thinking’ learning pathway. The project launched officially on 30 March. The robots will be distributed in three shifts among all the Frisian primary schools. One shift will take place before the summer and two shifts after that, until all the 415 schools each have their own robot. At the beginning of 2018 the Innovatiecluster Drachten will organize a big event that will bring all the schools together with their Edu-Robotics robot. This will give the children the opportunity to show what they have taught their own robot.



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