Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Interaction

YP Your Partner develops intelligent information and control systems for monitoring, managing and operating machines, installations and other structures anywhere in the world. We also build enduring relationships with our clients, to help them derive the optimal benefit of our products, knowledge and experience.

‘A collaborative approach with partners’ is therefore the key concept that forms the core of all our activities. And when we say ‘together’, we really mean it. To us, that isn’t just a word, but a mode of operation which forms the core of our cooperation.

Collaboration, today and in the future!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vinkje Together we link people, knowledge, and data, with a result that is larger than the sum of the individual components;
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vinkje  Together we initiate and supervise projects for sustainable and intelligent information management;
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vinkje  Together we create innovative custom work, always resulting in unique and improved solutions.

Big Ideal

YP Your Partner believes that the world would be a better place if technology could improve mutual cooperation between people in an sustainable and more efficient manner.


With our reliable, intelligent and intuitive information and control systems as well as years of domain knowledge, YP Your Partner connects people, structures, systems and data. In this way YP Your Partner ensures the best possible and sustainable performance of machines and systems, so that our partners have fewer worries and can enjoy a good night’s sleep.


With our reliable, intelligent and intuitive information and control systems YP Your Partner collects and analyses relevant big data. By means of predictive recommendations and automated process controls we make life easier for our partners and offer a safer world by improving processes.

Core Values


YP Your Partner offers sustainable solutions, now and in the future. Because of our years of experience we know how to speak the client’s language. From beginning to end we work together with you and help bring projects to a successful completion.


YP Your Partner builds enduring relationships to help partners derive optimal returns from our products, knowledge and experience. This has been in our genes for 30 years, which is why we won’t hesitate to propose the YP Your Partner name to you as a promise.


With our high service level we contribute to the best possible and sustainable performance of our partners’ machines and systems. We take care of smart solutions with a focus on the future while treating everyone in a professional way.


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