YP was founded in 1987 by Yde Prins. Then, as now, activities were focused on process automation. Because YP, and the present YP Your Partner, engages in automation with an eye to the future, it continues to invest heavily in development and innovation. YP Your Partner has its own R&D department that works tirelessly on tomorrow’s solutions.

This has led, among other things, to the software solutions: C.A.R.S and DENOTE. Starting with our own robust products, we also work on developing new applications in the field of telemetry, monitoring, data logging and data analysis.

Since YP’s early beginnings, the application field of the CARS software has been under continuous development. This field includes machinery, wastewater treatment plants, clusters of sewage pumps, a landfill percolation water purification system, the monitoring of cold storage facilities, silo monitoring, the control of polder drainage pumping stations, or traffic signalling.

YP Your Partner has been active in the world of telemetrics for over 30 years

At the time telemetrics was new, cutting-edge, and the talk of the town. Today it remains an obvious part of our products but with the name ‘Internet of Things’. For this reason, YP has removed the ‘telemetrics’ element from the company name, and replaced it with a concept that is much more relevant to today’s service-oriented business.

We hope that with YP Your Partner we have found the appropriate name for our business. Telemetrics is just one of its components. For we not only build intelligent information and control systems, but also enduring relationship with our clients.

All these activities, from local control to configuration of entire Client/Server networks for a telemetrics system, are performed by YP Your Partner’s professional and experienced team members.


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