Innovation Cluster Drachten

YP Your Partner has been a member of Innovatiecluster Drachten from October 2014. This is a cluster of eminent and innovative companies in and around Drachten, namely Philips, BD Kiestra, Irmato, Resato International, Neopost Technologies, Norma Groep, Variass, WhisperPower, Delta Instruments, S&T, Photonis, Ziuz, Ventura Systems, Kwant Controls and YP Your Partner in collaboration with Smallingerland municipality and the province of Fryslân.

The participants in this ‘Innovation Cluster’ are companies which are engaged in the development, production and sale of high-tech products. Together, they employ over 2,700 people, 850 of whom are product developers.

Research and Development

Together we are working to put the Drachten district on the map as an innovative, technology and knowledge intensive area. More than 100 million euros are invested in Drachten in research and development on an annual basis. Their specific objectives in that regard are to recruit highly qualified personnel to companies in the region and to share knowledge and experience.

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