Cocktail of chemicals

A fire at Chemie-Pack required essential fire-extinguishing activities. As a result of this, a large quantities of chemicals and water contaminated with chemicals ended up in the ground. To be able to return the ground to a clean state, a groundwater purification system with C.A.R.S was installed in collaboration with Heijmans Wegen Bodemspecialismen B.V.

The ground is contaminated with a cocktail of chemicals. What is significant about this cocktail is that it contains substances with a range of chemical, physical and toxicological properties. To make sure that the cleaning process is carried out efficiently, C.A.R.S monitors the critical flow and pressure sensors.


The intelligent information and control system logs flows, overpressure, underpressure, flow meters, switchover points, disruptions and operating hours. In this way C.A.R.S gives an overall insight into the use of pumps, airpoints and other system components.

Every second counts

Based on the detailed information provided by C.A.R.S, the users of Heijmans Wegen Bodemspecialismen B.V. can adjust the system immediately and even remotely. The result is a smarter, faster and more efficient groundwater purification process.


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