Guaranteed savings with cheaper and faster 3G modem

YP Your Partner has developed a driver which enables faster and cheaper connections to be achieved with 3G modems. During the past 20 years a large number of pumping station controls have been supplied with analogue lines (PSTN) which communicate with C.A.R.S main control stations. “By replacing the analogue line with 3G modems YP Your Partner is able to provide cheaper and faster communication,” Peter Hylkema, an engineer with YP Your Partner, explains.

In addition to the given that municipalities will save on communication costs, another big advantage is that users don’t have to adapt the controls in any way. “Currently this driver can communicate with Landy-Line, Landy-Net, I/O controllers and PLC control systems. In addition to user-friendliness, the municipalities which use these controllers immediately achieve considerable savings on communication costs !” Hylkema adds.

Working fully IP-based without hardware adaptation

By now there are several C.A.R.S users who make use of 3G modems to be able to operate as efficiently as possible. Likewise Medemblik municipality. This municipality has converted 77 pumping stations with new connections. By doing so the municipality is almost completely IP-based and the users are able to communicate faster and more cheaply with the C.A.R.S main control station. Would you like to communicate faster and more cheaply with the C.A.R.S main control stations via a 3G modem?

For more information please contact Peter Hylkema on telephone number: +31 (0)512 589 842.


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