Large-scale water play in new Artis elephant enclosure

The new elephant enclosure at Artis has been opened! As of today all visitors can experience the new outdoor enclosure of the Asian elephants. The elephant enclosure includes 15 behavioural enrichment structures, including a whirlpool. Because elephants enjoy playing in the water where they also like to defecate and urinate, a comprehensive water filtering system from Verhoeve Milieu en Water was installed with the YP Your Partner C.A.R.S information and control system.

Elephants tend to look for water, especially when the weather is hot. For this reason a large pond has been located in the new outdoor enclosure. Unexpected bubbles rise up in the water and this creates movement in the water, which in turn invites the animals to play. This stimulates the elephants in a way that encourages their natural behaviour. All this creates the effect of a whirlpool, only ten sizes bigger.

Clean and safe water with C.A.R.S monitoring

Elephants play, shower and drop their poos in the same water. This is why Verhoeve Milieu en Water installed a water filtering system which continuously filters the pond. To be able to guarantee a clean and safe outdoor enclosure, Verhoeve Milieu en Water monitors manages and operates the purification system with C.A.R.S. This provides the keepers with 24/7 insight into the status of the water and enables them to give the elephants the best possible place to live.

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