Perfectly ripened bananas

Consumers want ready-to-eat fruit, and supermarkets often have insufficient storage capacity for keeping their fruit over longer periods. VDH and YP Your Partner jointly developed the solution for this problem: a remotely operated banana ripening control system.

VDH Product BV from Roden and YP Your Partner jointly created a remotely operated banana ripening control system. This banana ripening control system is supplied worldwide to companies such as Chiquita, Dole and Fyffes. As a result of the productive cooperation between our companies, we have become active in more than 20 countries in the space of three years.

Win-win situation

“This cooperation has been a win-win situation for them and for us. We speak each other’s language. The experts from YP Your Partner only need half a word from us.”
Every ripening facility has developed its own recipe for the perfect ripening of bananas. They seek to supply supermarkets with yellow bananas with a green tip. The ripening recipe depends, among other things, on the banana’s country of origin. The C.A.R.S information system was customized by YP Your Partner for the ripening of bananas, so that VDH can meet all the requirements of the ripening facilities. Moreover, the software package supplies the companies with a great deal of extra information. This allows them to coordinate their production processes even more efficiently.

Co-creation leads to savings in costs

For starting up or supporting new projects, as happened recently in South Africa, VDH employees no longer need to jump on a plane. Everything can be managed remotely with the YP Your Partner’s software. This is what also makes this co-creation economical and sustainable. This made it possible for VDH and YP Your Partner to roll out their products in more than 20 countries worldwide within just three years.


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