Preventive measures needed for underground infrastructure

The North Netherlands, including the municipality of Delfzijl, is struggling with ground subsidence and earthquakes. This can seriously affect underground infrastructure for transporting wastewater. The municipality of Delfzijl, InnBlue, Aracadis and YP Your Partner have joined forces in an effort to come up with a solution.

Research carried out by Aracadis has shown that damaging effects can occur during an earthquake or subsidence in areas where sewer line parts are joined. The risk is particularly high around high-pressure pipes and sewage pumping stations. Possible problems include cracks in the high-pressure pipes, leading to possible leaks from the pipes.

Preventive measures

I order to prevent wet feet, you require an understanding of the how the high-pressure pipes are performing. C.A.R.S records the amount of liquid that passes through on average and monitors the pumping station capacities. This makes it possible for Delfzijl municipality to see straight away when the performance of high-pressure pipes or pumping stations has changed from before and the council can respond proactively in a fraction of a second.


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