Expertise & Innovation

Together with our partners we facilitate the accelerated implementation of technological processes and innovative developments.


YP Your Partner has been developing information and control technology software development for over 30 years. The in-house developed C.A.R.S platform enables managers to monitor, manage and control an immense variety of objects, installations and buildings from any location, anywhere in the world.

Data is your road to excellence

Equipment located anywhere in the world collects data with the use sensors. YP Your Partner makes life easy for you by collecting and analysing these data centrally. Drawing on this process knowledge C.A.R.S converts big data into useful and usable information. The combination of data and process knowledge leads to new understanding. This understanding results in smart machines, equipment and systems which strengthen your competitive position.

Download C.A.R.S

C.A.R.S application in Windows Store  Windows

C.A.R.S Application in Android Store  Android

C.A.R.S core values

To strengthen your competitive position

Certainty & Security

C.A.R.S gives you and, if you wish, your partners round the clock insight and influence. With the use of data acquisition and analysis the system increases the uptime of equipment and lets your clients have a good night’s sleep.

Intelligent & User friendly

YP Your Partner takes the lead in developing and implementing new technological developments. This means that you and your partners can be confident that you are working with an intelligent and user-friendly platform that will keep on being developed and improved.


The C.A.R.S platform, which is not brand or manufacturer locked in, enables you of provide your partners with a total solution for the ‘Internet of Things’. The flexibility of C.A.R.S relieves your partners of worries down to the smallest detail.


After 30 years of ongoing development, YP Your Partner has innovation well and truly in its DNA. The high tech company invests hugely in development and innovation. YP Your Partner has its own R&D department that works tirelessly on tomorrow’s solutions. In 2016 YP Your Partner was one of the first in the Netherlands to experiment with Microsoft HoloLens.

Smart Industry with Mixed Reality

“Our apps are linking HoloLens to machines, making everything possible and creating the possibility of making the ‘smart industry’ in the Netherlands a worldwide front runner through which a sufficient stream of challenging work will be generated. This something YP Your Partner is keen to contribute to.” Without doubt, feels Theun, this is the next big step after the smartphone and the tablet. “Being able to switch between the digital and the real world is wonderful. We absolutely have to be part of this,’’ says Theun Prins, CEO of YP Your Partner.

Service vs product

“People can be assisted remotely in a way that comes naturally to people. You don’t need to press buttons or work on a screen, you have both your hands free and can issue voice commands, while can see all sorts of things going on around you at the same time.’’ It is clear to Theun that HoloLens heralds a new era. “This new technology is cropping up everywhere – from healthcare to gaming and from industry to education and the sciences.. Soon our client will not just be selling machines and equipment, but, thanks to HoloLens, will have direct contact with their buyers, and will furthermore be collecting valuable data that will allow them to make their products even better.”


YP Your Partner believes that the world would be a better place if technology could improve mutual cooperation between people in an sustainable and more efficient manner.


Discover the possibilities

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