Maintenance management

The C.A.R.S Maintenance Management System (MMS) gives you complete control over the efficient management of your machines.

Optimal understanding of the maintenance

C.A.R.S provides full insight and influence over your maintenance status, which gives you complete control over your machines. The information and control system lets you know how your installations or systems are performing, what sort of malfunctions have occurred, which components have been used and when inspections were carried out.

Predictive maintenance

C.A.R.S helps you to respond with preventive and proactive measures to emergencies. Based on various measurements, the management system calculates the likelihood of wear and tear of parts, so that they can be replaced in good time. This allows maintenance costs to be kept to a minimum.

All the relevant information at hand throughout the world.

The efficient maintenance management system of C.A.R.S keeps extremely detailed records of when, where and by whom maintenance has been carried out. Documents such as technical drawings, manuals, contacts, reports, work instructions and photos can be linked to any location. You can also enter inspection reports straight away and send them through to head office. That makes C.A.R.S your online document manager.

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