Monitoring & Analysis

C.A.R.S has sophisticated data acquisition and analysis tools for rapidly obtaining information.

Easy-reference and secure storage of data

Equipment, structures, installations and systems located anywhere in the world collect data by means of sensors. These data and the information from other information systems, such as ERPEnterprise resource planning and SAPService Access Point, are collected centrally and uniformly by C.A.R.S. Data logging is used to create a logbook of all the events. On the basis of this history you can independently take better decisions and automate processes.

Communication with the ‘Internet of Things’

The C.A.R.S information and control system allows people, installations and software to communicate interactively with each other via the cloud. Once they are connected to each other, C.A.R.S can turn them into smart systems. This takes place independently of time, place or brand. To do this C.A.R.S makes the greatest possible use of the ‘Internet of Things’.

Value from data

The installations involved use all manner of sensors to share data about their performance and current and future condition, and about relevant factors relating to the environment. The intelligent information and control system analyses these big data and translates them into valuable information. Based on this information it is possible to make better decisions and even take preventive measures more quickly and efficiently. With C.A.R.S you can also automate processes to a much greater degree.

Download C.A.R.S

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The full scope of functions within reach

There is no brand or manufacturer lock-in with C.A.R.S. It communicates with all hardware. If the client so wishes, YP Your Partner can supply an all-in-one process control system which represents reassurance for today and tomorrow. This universal process control system combines all facets of visualization, data logging, communication, and process control in a single complete solution.

Greater gains through deeper process knowledge

C.A.R.S converts the data into useful and usable information on the basis of your business, process and client knowledge. These data are reported in a clear manner, setting out process details from comparable installations side by side. This results in easy recognition of patterns which in turn leads to new understanding. Based on the use as well as integration of this information it is possible to make better decisions, take preventive measures and automate processes to a high degree.

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