Process control & Performance

C.A.R.S gives you the means to take direct action when needing to adjust technical processes without being dependent on location or time.

Insight and control anywhere in the world

C.A.R.S is the central control hub for the automation of technical installations for a range of industries. The system includes the most extensive Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) possibilities. The use of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC allows all this to be done with utmost mobility. This is what we call: The World at Your Fingertips.

No dependence on brand, time or place

C.A.R.S is an open software platform which can communicate with virtually any hardware or software. The information and control system enables hardware as well as software to communicate with each other, irrespective of their source. It collects, transmits, processes and visualises various measurement and control signals from different installations and structures in large industrial systems. This enables you to gain an insight into how your structures performing and allows you to control an endless number of technical installations, structures and systems – anywhere in the world – in real time.

Download C.A.R.S

C.A.R.S application in Windows Store  Windows

C.A.R.S Application in Android Store  Android

C.A.R.S Unit: a unique degree of functionality

There is no brand or manufacturer lock-in with C.A.R.S. It communicates with all hardware. If the client so wishes, YP Your Partner can supply an all-in-one process control system which represents reassurance for today and tomorrow. This universal process control system combines all facets of visualization, data logging, communication, and process control in a single complete solution.

Universal process control

The C.A.R.S Unit offers you an all-in-one solution: a user-friendly HMI operator panel based on Windows, local controls, data logging, alarm triggering system, visualization for the benefit of the SCADA/main control station. Thanks to optimal synchronisation with the main control station, the C.A.R.S Unit is ready for immediate use. Modifications only have to be made at a single location, and do not require modifications to the controls.

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