Afvalzorg uses C.A.R.S to achieve green energy

The waste management company Afvalzorg manages several enviro-technological installations with the C.A.R.S management system. We’re talking about a total of over 30 locations. This is a small selection from our joint projects.

For the heating of its own head office, Afvalzorg uses heat from landfill gas produced at the Nauerna waste processing site. Bromelias grow well on landfill gas Moreover, this installation provides energy to 42,000 square meters (10.4 acres) of greenhouses owned by the Corn bak company.

The company is a global leader in the area of cultivating, improving and supplying young pot plants, including bromelias. By using this green energy source its consumption of mineral gas has dropped by 30%. The greenhouses and the landfill site are linked by way of a fibre-optic cable which was laid specifically for this purpose. For the greenhouses the constant supply and the guaranteed quality of the landfill gas are obviously very important. C.A.R.S ensures this constant supply.


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