At the stock exchange every second counts

Optiver is a Dutch company which trades in financial derivatives such as stock options. At the stock exchange every second counts when it concerns the difference between profit and loss. For this reason C.A.R.S ensures a constant supply of energy.

YP Your Partner, in cooperation with a company called ForT from Meppel, provided the Optiver data centre with the reliable C.A.R.S energy system. ForTop supplied all the measuring equipment and YP Your Partner provided the energy management system. C.A.R.S monitors temperature and electricity usage for all the computers used for stock trading. Lighting, cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning are all carefully monitored.

Immediate knowledge and action on the stock exchange floor

Disruptions are reported instantaneously to the monitors who are present day and night. The use and the remaining availability of fuel for the backup power generators are monitored as well. Moreover, the management system makes it possible to determine exactly how much emergency power is needed. This means that thanks to C.A.R.S a much faster response is possible, since a split second may be the difference between profit and loss at the stock exchange.


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