Clinic Meander hospital equipped with an advanced energy management system

Meander hospital in Amersfoort uses the C.A.R.S energy management system to provide maximum safety. If emergencies occur the response time is super-fast.

The clinic is designed and constructed with the welfare and well-being of patients in mind. For this reason the hospital features modern single-occupant rooms with the latest equipment, including private bathroom facilities.

Control over energy management with C.A.R.S

C.A.R.S looks after the complex energy management The web-based monitoring and control system manages and monitors the high and medium voltage networks. If emergencies occur the response time is super-fast. As at the University Medical Centre Groningen, when acute failures occur in the public grid the power hub at Meander is switched off for safety reasons. This is followed within seconds by the backup power generators starting up completely automatically. This enables the hospital to continue to function completely independently.


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