Gas wells closely monitored by Vermilion Harlingen

Vermilion Oil & Gas Nederland BV (Vermilion) is a subsidiary of the Canadian Vermilion Energy Trust, which produces oil and gas in Canada, Australia, France and the Netherlands. The company produces gas from some 32 gas wells, spread over the Netherlands. All the gas wells are monitored and regulated from the Netherlands headquarters using the C.A.R.S system.

The company produces gas from some 32 gas wells, spread over the Netherlands. These gas well are unstaffed. The gas is pumped from the gas wells to four staffed treatment plants, and from there to Garijp or Harlingen. At these locations the gas is prepared for being sold to the Dutch government gas company Gasunie. Gasunie makes sure that the gas has the proper composition, and then supplies it to the energy company. From there, the treated gas is pumped via the pipeline network to the consumers’ homes.

Gas wells monitored and controlled using the C.A.R.S system

Pressure, gas flow, temperature, and humidity percentages are measured and recorded. Alarm signals are reported by C.A.R.S, as in the event of excessive or insufficient gas pressure. As gas is extracted, condensation is frequently formed. This condensation is stored. When a storage tank is full, the water is removed by tank trucks. The trucking company responsible for these transports is automatically informed by C.A.R.S whenever a tank needs to be emptied again.


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