Keeping a finger on the pulse at the UMCG

The University Medical Centre Groningen is one of the biggest employers in the north of the Netherlands. It is responsible for the daily care of 1,300 patients, and it employs 10,000 people. Reliable energy management is of the essence In 2009 UMCG asked YP Your Partner to replace the outdated switching system with the C.A.R.S web-based measurement and control system.

“We’ve enjoyed our collaboration with YP Your Partner very much indeed.A user-friendly system was delivered entirely within the agreed-upon time and budget,” commented Mr. Roelof Steffens, the UMCG Construction & Infrastructure project manager. With the web-based measurement and control system, energy management of the UMCG has become modern and flexible. Moreover, it is now possible to respond much better and faster in case of emergencies.

Immediate detection of acute disruptions

With C.A.R.S, the UMCG closely monitors all 700 distribution switches. In the case of acute disruptions of the public electricity network, the UMCG power hub is disconnected from the network for safety reasons. Within seconds the backup power generators are automatically powered up. The entire hospital can independently remain fully functional. This allows patients as well as staff to enjoy a feeling of safety.


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