Seeing the big picture with C.A.R.S

C.A.R.S records and analyses subsidiary pumping station processes and makes these data available in easy-reference reports. It provides an understanding of the actual load on the pumping stations being managed, which means that Utrechtse Heuvelrug municipality can once again see the big picture.

Thanks to C.A.R.S Utrechtse Heuvelrug municipality knows exactly where the pumping stations are, how they are performing and when maintenance is required. Especially in a vast area with more than 500 sewage pumping stations and peripheral facilities it is important to have a good overview.

Patter recognition made simple

Process details from various substations are presented in relation to each other. The users of C.A.R.S can view the details straight away which makes it easy for them to recognize patters. The data can furthermore be exported to other formats, e.g.: Excel or PDF. This makes it easier for Utrechtse Heuvelrug municipality to discuss reports internally and to share them with third parties.

Safeguarding knowledge

Efficient provision of information by C.A.R.S ensures that people and systems perform at their best. All the data are recorded in the system so that knowledge is always safeguarded. This means that every user has all the information on hand and can therefore operate on site without delay.

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