Students perform better in perfect climatic conditions

A healthy interior climate is crucial. Proper ventilation increases study performance by 15%, and the ability to control the temperature leads to improvements of 10%. Student and teacher absenteeism due to illness can be reduced by some 25%.

The interior climate in schools is a much-debated subject today. Not only do 80% of the schools have temperature regulation problems, but it turns out that the air inside most schools is also unhealthy. The Klimaatgroep Holland group has therefore developed a special air conditioning system for improving the interior climate in schools.

High end comfort with low energy consumption

The system integrates the following air conditioning functions: ventilation (on a CO2 basis), heating, and cooling. This leads to high comfort levels and a very low energy use. Schools can now save at least 25% on their energy bill. This system is decentralized: each classroom has its own, independently operating air conditioning unit.

A central control room makes it easier

Today, some 40 schools all over the Netherlands are already using this system. Klimaatgroep Holland has provided the regulation equipment for all these schools, and YP Your Partner has provided the software. There is a central control room in the city of Groningen, which takes over service and maintenance from the schools.

Remote control

The software supplied by YP Your Partner enables remote operation of the system and also detects disruptions and reports them to the maintenance department. This provides the schools with an efficient system which they do not need to maintain. The great advantage for Klimaatgroep Holland is that it does not have to reinvest in the development of software.


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