Sustainable fuel on the farm

The first ‘Bio-Up’ biogas upgrading plant using the C.A.R.S intelligent information and control system has been installed on the dairy cattle experimental farm KTC de Marke in Hengelo.

“The Bio-Up has enabled us to make it possible for 200 cars to drive 10,000 kilometres sustainably per year, which makes the project a great success,” Geurt Aalderink, Greenmac BV’s managing director, explains. The biogas upgrading plant was created with partners Greenmac BV, CCS BV, Wageningen UR and YP Your Partner BV. The Bio-Up converts 3,100 cubic metres of manure into green gas (biomethane gas) per year. “The green gas is connected to the grid and can then be used for cooking in the home and keeping the house warm. In addition to this, it can also be used as vehicle fuel,” adds Aalderink.

A system that works 24/7

By means of C.A.R.S the stakeholders can import all the quality and system variables from one single system. Geurt explains: “With the C.A.R.S system we can create a system that works continuously, 24 hours a day, as well as the possibility of intervention and adjustment in the event of malfunctions. In addition we can provide the grid operator with the necessary information about the quality of the gas.”

Remote control

The operator can manage the incoming and outgoing flows and other process variables by remote control. “Thanks to the C.A.R.S system the Bio-Up fully automatic and can be operated by remote control, which means that it doesn’t require a lot of work,” says André Kemperman, the Bio-Up operator.View the successful project at:

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