Tiengemeten Collaborative Clean Water Project

Tiengemeten is an island situated in the province of South Holland and is part of the municipality of Korendijk. The island has no direct link with the mainland. This meant that an entirely separate and independent wastewater treatment system had to be created. A total of nine wastewater pumps bring the wastewater from over 150 holiday homes to a small wastewater treatment plant. All the installations can be accessed via the internet which makes for optimal management of the system.

“YP Your Partner has perfectly translated our knowledge of the water treatment process into a reliable control unit. A high level of involvement and experience on their part enabled them to make a number of recommendations, which have led to immediate savings,” Afmitech director Jan Boele de Jong explained. In 1990 a decision was made to turn the island into a new and unique nature reserve. The Korendijk municipality is responsible for wastewater management on the island. They see great advantages in being able to manage the installations centrally via the internet.

Maximum access with C.A.R.S

With C.A.R.S all the parties involved have access to the treatment plants supplied and maintained by them on the island. C.A.R.S allows companies to manage and operate the installations remotely. One of these companies is Afmitech. Afmitech Joure specialises in decentralised wastewater treatment plants up to 3000 IE. The treatment plant was equipped with C.A.R.S with a compact PLC control unit.


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