Waterslag and YP Your Partner working together to steam clean your soil

n 2005 the province of Overijssel commenced soil remediation of the site of the former asphalt factory Olasfa in the floodplain of the IJssel near Olst. The soil contains toxic and tar-like substances, left behind after Olasfa stopped producing roofing asphalt and tar products.

The remediation is achieved by extracting contaminants that have been steamed off in a site enclosed with dam walls. During the course of a few weeks the soil is slowly heated to around 90°C. This is necessary to soak off the contaminants. After this the contamination is extracted from the soil and pumped to the treatment plant. Around 200 monitoring points were installed in the soil to be able to follow the process. The system is being managed and monitored with C.A.R.S.


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