Who switches the city’s lights on? And when?

Many years ago the municipality of Lelystad opted for the C.A.R.S main control station for sewage pumps, tunnels and fountains. Today, all the management tasks relating to public spaces are managed by the C.A.R.S main control station. The most recently added component was public lighting.

“It has given us an installation without unnecessary working hours and kilometres, so that residents receive the best possible service,” is the opinion of Mr. Betten, a manager with the Lelystad municipal council. A key factor in the municipality’s choice was that the information system had the ability to communicate with all the existing installations, without having to replace any data loggers or modems. Which is why we opted for a C.A.R.S main control station from YP Your Partner.

C.A.R.S switches lights on and off completely automatically

The C.A.R.S main control system is an intelligent management system that keeps track of and records everything and gives warnings when something threatens to go wrong. As far as public lighting is concerned there are three important aspects. Lighting is essential to prevent accidents This is why the C.A.R.S main station never sleeps but keeps watch over residents everywhere.


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