Sewer pumping station renovation results in 59% saving in energy

A thorough renovation of the Tuikwerd main sewer pumping station will give Delfzijl municipality a 59% saving in energy. A number of different companies, including the water and wastewater technology company InnBlue BV, Remondis contractors and software supplier YP Your Partner BV, contributed to the complete overhaul of the Tuikwerd pumping station which was then fitted with efficient high-flow pumps, durable pipes and smart software.

A particular condition of Delfzijl municipality was that the renovation of the pumping station had to deliver high returns, including energy savings and reduced maintenance. For this reason InnBlue BV conducted a preliminary Total Cost of Ownership analysis (TCO) covering: purchase, energy and maintenance. The TCO analysis includes analysis of these three factors for each situation for a period of 7 to 15 years. By looking at the longer-term effect, the municipality aims for long-term savings. 

Maximum output

The TCO analysis showed that new pipe system calculations, more efficient pumps and intelligent software would result in 59% energy savings for Delfzijl municipality. The pipe diameter was calculated using the capacity of the new pumps. In addition an appraisal was made of different types of pumps and the flow rate and resistance, so that the pumps operate with maximum output. It was decided to use cast iron for the pipes, seeing research had shown that this was the most durable material for the sewage pumping stations in question. All the pumping stations have been fitted with intelligent information and control software, which enables the managers of Delfzijl municipality to keep informed, remotely, about the pumping stations as well as allowing them to take immediate action.

Realtime information about pumping stations thanks to intelligent C.A.R.S software

Delfzijl municipality receives more insight into the performance of the pumps, because the pumping station has been provided with the C.A.R.S intelligent information and control system. With one press of the button the “performance” of the pumping station is displayed in a graphic in realtime. The pumps are also controlled by means of the smart C.A.R.S software. The control software determines when a pump switch on or off and at what speed. “This software has provided us with a great deal of understanding of how our pumps conduct themselves. At the Tuikwerd pumping station the smarter management and control of the pumps has resulted in energy savings of at least 59%,” explains Andries van der Laan, a technical specialist at the Delfzijl municipal council.

Source: Ydema, L. (May, 2017). Delfzijl municipality achieves a 59% saving in energy by renovating sewer pumping stations.

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